Ground Level Cedar Deck

ScaneGround Level Cedar Deck

The ground level deck provides the simplest way of expanding living space outdoors. Attached to the house or freestanding, these decks are particularly effective in providing usable space over damp, rocky or relatively uneven terrain. This deck is attached to the house, providing easy indoor/outdoor access for you and your guests. Shallow pools, tubs and planters can be set into the deck, even hot tubs or gazebos can be accommodated.

The built-in seats are both attractive and functional – especially when you’re entertaining large groups of friends. Easy to build, they consist of 2″x3″ (51mm x 76mm) Cedar on a Cedar frame.

This deck is constructed of 2″x4″ (51mm x 102mm) Western Red Cedar decking laid over Cedar joists. Deck edges are trimmed with 2″x8″ (51mm x 203mm) Cedar.

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