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Cedar Sauna and Hot Tub Combinations- Full Steam Ahead

posted November 13, 2019

This DIY Cedar Barrel Sauna in Whistler, BC was handcrafted by Beacon Media Group.

Why install a cedar sauna or hot tub? The reasons are many. An outdoor soaker, for example, can turn your summer cottage into a year-round family retreat. A customized cedar sauna, meanwhile, can transform an underutilized basement bathroom into a therapeutic sanctuary. And when you use a top-performing building material like Western Red Cedar, you can add value to your property whilst improving your health and wellness. You know how rejuvenated you feel after enjoying a soothing soak or steam at a luxury ski resort or Scandinavian spa? Now imagine accessing those stress-busting benefits from your own hot tub or sauna any time you want without having to book ahead. Here are some of our favorites ways to warm up this winter. 

barrel cedar sauna


Freestanding Cedar Sauna

Always on trend, home improvement super stars, Colin & Justin, recently built a “sexy” barrel-shaped, cedar sauna with a smoky, gray window to look out to the lush natural surroundings. Not only does Western Red Cedar’s timeless charm work beautifully with their property’s lake esthetic, the wood’s natural oils and extractives act as preservatives to prolong its ability to withstand rot and decay. That’s why Western Red Cedar is the essential choice for traditional as well as modern saunas like this one. It can withstand years of usage in various conditions. Additionally, the stability and low shrinkage rate of cedar maintains its shape and stays straight even in high moisture environments. See how they made it here.

ground level cedar sauna

The Crow’s Nest Residence in Sugar Bowl was designed by BCV Architects and photographed by Bruce Damonte Photography.


Aprèsski Steam

Designed by BCV Architects, this stunning ski-in/ski-out chalet boasts customized ground level cedar saunas. It’s a quiet place to decompress and relax aching muscles after a day of hitting the slopes. The warmth and beauty of Cedar’s rich tonal range create the perfect environment to unwind, and the wood’s high insulation value captures the heat inside for better circulation. Furthermore, cedar can easily suppress and absorb sound to create a comfortable and private ambience. Western Red Cedar is easy to work with and easily reparable, as a result the beauty and comfort of a cedar sauna can last a lifetime. And when it comes to sustainable architecture, cedar is also a green choice. In fact, woods such as Western Red Cedar leave the smallest carbon footprint than any other building material.

The Galiano 100 was designed by Trim Studio and photographed by Jarusha Brown.


Soak Up the View

When it comes to enhancing the outdoor living experience of modest cabins, installing a funky round wood hot tub is a great solution. They allow cottagers to enjoy their natural surrounding through the colder months. Design-wise, these charming soakers capture the spirit of a well-loved vacation home that’s not overly ostentatious. Even if the tub itself is not cedar, there’s a good chance that the surrounding deck is. That’s because nothing looks, feels or smells quite like Western Red Cedar decking.

Design Pro Tip: To create extra warmth and texture, select a beautiful knotty grade of Western Red Cedar for your hot tub decking. It will add character to your project, plus it’s a cost-effective choice.