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cedar siding on hotel front view night

Five Reasons Cedar Makes Sense in the Snow

posted November 14, 2017

winter cabin made of cedar

The Quiet beauty of a Cedar Cabin in Snow

Why is Western Red Cedar siding seen on cabins in every ski haven from Stowe to Aspen, and beyond? We’ve got five reasons Cedar is the material of choice when it comes to building a durable and beautiful home in snowy ski towns everywhere.

ski cabin made of cedar1. You Can’t Beat Natural Beauty

Whether it’s rustic knotty Cedar or clear, Western Red Cedar’s natural warmth pops brilliantly against crisp white snow – making a cabin or home look like the warm, earthy sanctuary it’s meant to be.

cedar siding in a cold climate2. Incredibly Durable and Stable

Compared to other wood species, Western Red Cedar is a durable and stable building material that stands up to seasonal changes in dry cold weather, along with regions with high levels of humidity and/or dry heat.

townhouse with cedar siding3. You’re Spoiled for Choice

Western Red Cedar also accepts a wide range of finishes, so you have many options when it comes to the appearance of the wood. Go for a warm cinnamon hue, ebony stain or leave it to naturally patina to a beautiful silvery shade.

cedar cabin in the snow4. Resists Rot and Decay

Western Red Cedar is highly versatile because it has its own ingrown preservatives that resist rot, decay and insects. This versatility also lends to Cedar’s ability to thrive in any climate – whether it dips below freezing, or is hot and humid.

cedar ceilings in a cabin

5. Sustainable Building

Feel good about using Western Red Cedar, as it is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. In fact, more evergreen trees are growing in North America now than there were over 100 years ago.

If you’re considering Cedar siding for your ski home, or even summer cabin, Western Red Cedar is an investment you will appreciate for years to come – no matter what type of weather comes your way.