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Outdoor Kitchen DIY: Build a Portable Grill Station

posted September 3, 2019

How (and why) you should build this outdoor kitchen!

Think outdoor kitchens are only for people with sprawling backyards? Think again. This Real Cedar Mobile Grilling Station is so compact, even condo dwellers can get in on the open-air cooking action. In addition to wheels, the design includes several practical features including a hassle-free countertop for your grill. So. if you want head to the beach for an impromptu picnic, for example, you can just grab your grill and go – no unhooking required. But that’s not all. Here, then, are five ways this weekend project can improve your outdoor living experience.

Note:  Download free building plans here.

Define Spaces on Big Decks

If you’re blessed with a big backyard with space to spare, and/or an expansive deck, this unit is a great way to define your entertainment zones. For example, you can set it up as a serving station and wheel it anywhere you like to separate the dining area from the hot tub decking area. On special occasions, it’s a subtle way of letting guests know where they can enjoy the good eats. As an added bonus, the design calls for the timeless beauty of Western Red Cedar, a stunning species of wood that mixes well with other building materials and complements any style of outdoor living space – be it traditional, modern or even a rustic cabin.

Transform Smaller Spaces

This compact unit will fit just about any size patio, and thanks to the clean lines of this contemporary design your limited decking space will feel still airy – never crowded. Apartment renters and townhouse owners in urban areas will also appreciate the warmth the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar adds to their limited outdoor space. Even if you’re living in the heart of a bustling city, this Real Cedar unit will make you feel connected to nature – and that’s something a synthetic store-bought grilling station can’t do. It’s also important to note that Western Red Cedar is a green building material. In fact, woods such as Western Red Cedar leave the smallest carbon foot print of any other building material. So, it’s a choice you can feel good about.

Store Easily During Off Season

Depending the climate in your region, dining outdoors may not be realistic all year round. With this mobile unit, you can simply store it up against your home under the eaves or soffit when not in use. Or you can wheel it to your garage or shed for winter and then just wheel it back out come spring time or as weather permits (never use a propane grill indoors)! If you do decide to leave it out all year-round – you’re in luck! Western Red Cedar is a top-performing building material that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects so this beautiful outdoor kitchen will last you for decades to come with minimal maintenance.

Look Like a DIY Super Star

This weekend project is a joy to build. That’s because it’s made with Western Red Cedar, a building material that is durable, yet surprisingly lightweight. It takes fasteners easily and the tools love it. So regardless, of your DIY skillset, you’ll love building this project and the finished result will make you look a home improvement pro! When it comes to specifying materials, for a clean polished look, select a clear grade of Western Red Cedar. But if you really want to add a lot of texture and warmth to your project, choose a beautiful knotty grade of cedar. Not only is knotty cedar a beautiful complement to the clean lines of this design, it’s all a cost-effective choice.

Build Out with Other Projects

The best part of original Real Cedar projects like this grilling station is they can stand alone as a centrepiece or work beautifully with other cedar projects. For example, the Real Cedar Outdoor Sectional can really pull your outdoor living space together. Or if you’re inspired to grow your own herbs and veggies, but have space constraints, consider one or Real Cedar’s Vertical Garden plans. Visit the Real Cedar DIY Center today for more pro tips, free downloadable building plans and how-to videos.