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Danish Barn by Christoffersen & Weiling

posted October 9, 2019

Danish Barn by Christoffersen & Weiling

“ For Danish Barn, we choose Western Red Cedar because the surrounding environment is nature, forest and lake–and from our point of view there is no material that fits better in this exact context.” – Architect Erik Weiling

Location: Ry, Denmark

Architect: Christoffersen & Weiling Architects

Photography: Tina Stephansen


Located in rural Denmark, the site for Danish Barn offers a spectacular view of a nearby lake. Naturally, taking full advantage of the scenery was one of the main design requirements. As was protecting the home from blustery weather whilst honoring the agricultural history of the area. Erik Weiling of Christoffersen & Weiling Architects needed to do all that plus keep the overall esthetic modern looking, work around the roads on both sides of the lot and factor in the homeowner’s chosen profession: Falconry.

Danish Barn by Christoffersen & Weiling

The result is a seemingly simple archetypical farmhouse with three wings and gabled roofs that surround a courtyard and create an intimate environment. But this innovative design is anything but simple. The house folds around itself and shelters both birds and humans from harsh winds. Meanwhile, the home appears contemporary yet lies beautifully with the surrounding context.


Natural, Beautiful

One of the main reasons the home blends so well with the natural beauty of the area is because the award-winning architect chose Western Red Cedar siding for all the facades as well as cedar panelling for the ceilings of the covered areas, where the couple keeps their cars and maintains outdoor equipment.

In terms of specifying the wood grade, Weiling wanted to underline the clean lines and highlight the horizontal features of the structure, so he opted for a clear grade of cedar. As for finishing, the homeowners wanted the lowest maintenance option available. As a result, they opted to let the cedar weather naturally, eventually turning a stunning silvery grey patina.

“The cedar made our small complex of structures a unity and almost gave it monolithic qualities,” explains Weiling. “The clients are very pleased with their choice too and consider it one of their best decisions in the building process.”


WRC Specifications

Grade: Grade ‘A’ clear

Size: 21 mm thick, 145 mm wide.

Fastening: Stainless steel fasteners

Applied Finish: None