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DIY plans for a modern outdoor sectional

Creating an outdoor room is all the rage right now. And with good reason – who doesn’t want to make the most of every inch of their deck and the surrounding beauty of nature? This gorgeous outdoor Western Red Cedar sectional is sure to be the star of your patio all year long. Smart, functional and
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Five Reasons to Choose Cedar Siding Over Composites

What makes cedar siding so superior to plastic? There’s no question Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most beautiful building materials, but it also surpasses plastic imitators as the wise choice when it comes to environmental sustainability, durability and long-term value. Here’s
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Five Reasons Cedar Makes Sense in the Snow

The Quiet beauty of a Cedar Cabin in Snow Why is Western Red Cedar siding seen on cabins in every ski haven from Stowe to Aspen, and beyond? We've got five reasons Cedar is the material of choice when it comes to building a durable and beautiful home in snowy ski towns everywhere. (more…)
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Knotty Vs. Clear Cedar – Which One Should You Use?

Knotty Cedar is worth a second look Knotty Western Red Cedar is quietly growing in popularity, and for all the right reasons. The green, sustainable characteristics of Western Red Cedar are well-known, but here are seven top reasons why you may want to
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Why We Only Build With Western Red Cedar

‘There is no classic when you use plastic’ For those who love the look of exceptionally built Western Red Cedar pergolas, it’s hard not to get swept away by the Instagram feed of a Midwest builder. Each post is better than the last with Minnesota Pergolas, a company that always crafts
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Build your own little cabin in the woods

Treat summer guests to comfortable quarters By Paul Lewis My original cabin’s wobbly foundation shifted uneasily on its stacked-stone piers. “No problem,” I announced. “We’ll shore up this foundation, patch the roof and maybe add new Cedar siding.” A nice little weekend project, I thought. A couple
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Easy DIY: How to build a modern outdoor cedar bench

WRC perfect for outdoor projects Western Red Cedar is always the best choice for any outdoor project, and this stunning modern outdoor storage bench is no exception. “Stable, lightweight and easy on the tools” is how expert builder Jim West of Westworks Construction describes nature’s
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Trend to watch – Modern, knotty Western Red Cedar ceilings

Modern, knotty Western Red Cedar ceilings add organic warmth and texture to a home, delivering a sophisticated earthiness with architectural punch. Knotty Western Red Cedar is considered the rising star of cedar materials – it’s a versatile, sustainable, high-performance wood. And designers are noticing the natural appeal of knotty cedar, in
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Pro of the Week – Neil Burke of BurkeWorks

Looking ahead to landscapes Don’t be deterred when building challenges arise. In fact, expect they will and be prepared to deal with them as they do – that’s the advice from expert builder Neil Burke of Toronto’s BurkeWorks, when it comes to
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