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DIY plans for a modern outdoor sectional

Creating an outdoor room is all the rage right now. And with good reason – who doesn’t want to make the most of every inch of their deck and the surrounding beauty of nature? This gorgeous outdoor Western Red Cedar sectional is sure to be the star of your patio all year
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Five Reasons to Choose Cedar Siding Over Composites

What makes cedar siding so superior to plastic? There’s no question Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most beautiful building materials, but it also surpasses plastic imitators as the wise choice when it comes to environmental sustainability, durability and long-term value. Here’s why: (more…)
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Five Reasons Cedar Makes Sense in the Snow

The Quiet beauty of a Cedar Cabin in Snow Why is Western Red Cedar siding seen on cabins in every ski haven from Stowe to Aspen, and beyond? We've got five reasons Cedar is the material of choice when it comes to building a durable and beautiful home in snowy ski towns everywhere. (more…)
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How To Use Western Red Cedar Inside Your Home

Take Western Red Cedar Inside Most people understand the benefits of using Real Cedar for outdoor projects, like fencing, decking and siding. They know its durability, how it stands up to the elements, how it’s naturally resistant to rot and decay, and how timelessly stylish it is.
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Three Cedar Projects in Three Days with Colin & Justin

It was an ambitious building plan for design duo and TV hosts Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan – three projects in just three days. A two-car timber-frame carport, space-defining pergola and circular outdoor sauna were the trio of projects put together at Colin and
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Urban sanctuary framed by Western Red Cedar

Location: San Francisco, California Architect: Terremoto.LA Photo: Bruce Damonte Take a slender, rectangular urban backyard and turn it into a multifaceted outdoor living space that flows seamlessly from the interior to the exterior. Innovative landscape design firm Terremoto.LA rose to the challenge beautifully with its Randall project in San Francisco. (more…)
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Knotty Vs. Clear Cedar – Which One Should You Use?

Knotty Cedar is worth a second look Knotty Western Red Cedar is quietly growing in popularity, and for all the right reasons. The green, sustainable characteristics of Western Red Cedar are well-known, but here are seven top reasons why you may want to stock up on Knotty Western Red Cedar decking or siding. (more…)
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Why Use Western Red Cedar For Siding?

Are you ready to invest in timeless style? Eternally stylish, classically beautiful and structurally strong, Western Red Cedar is the cashmere of wood siding. Whether it’s a clear or knotty grade, Western Red Cedar siding equals better protection, increased value for your home, and timeless style. For those who are ready to invest in the long-term beauty of Real Cedar
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Why We Only Build With Western Red Cedar

‘There is no classic when you use plastic’ For those who love the look of exceptionally built Western Red Cedar pergolas, it’s hard not to get swept away by the Instagram feed of a Midwest builder. Each post is better than the
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