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Cedar Indoor Design Tips

Plan Your Indoor Living Space With Western Red Cedar

There was a time when indoor applications for natural wood were only synonymous with creating cozy chalet-inspired interiors or honoring the timeless beauty of traditional décor. Not anymore! Granted, the rustic and classic charm of Real Cedar will never go out of style. But now, Real Cedar is also recognized for being one of the most versatile and inspiring building materials in the world of contemporary design. That’s why interior designers like Cheryl Broadhead at Bob’s Your Uncle Design Ltd. have no shortage of innovative ways to beautify homes with wood. Here, then, are some of Broadhead’s top tips on how to rock the plank:

Surprise with Unexpected Hits

Fear not hardcore minimalists – you don’t have to panel your entire home in Real Cedar to get the full impact of its beautiful look and feel. That’s because a little Real Cedar goes a long way in modern spaces. So for example, if you’ve got high-gloss, white lacquer kitchen cabinetry, Broadhead suggests warming that area up with a natural wood island. And it just so happens the sumptuous rich tones of Real Cedar, in particular, are great for this kind of juxtaposition.

Give Your Living Room a Lift

A great way to warm up a contemporary living room is to panel a niche or feature wall in natural wood – this (especially if you use Real Cedar), will create the perfect backdrop for a smart and stylish vignette… or a perhaps cool little reading nook? Broadhead also suggests installing a slatted partition, moving wood wall or even just a simple open bookshelf – all three are great ways to ramp up the textural interest in a contemporary space.

Mix With Other Materials

Incorporating Real Cedar can breath new life into otherwise uninspiring features. For example, Real Cedar can do wonders for a ho-hum staircase. And as Broadhead points out, stairs are a great opportunity to mix wood with other materials. All you need is some sleek Real Cedar treads on open risers to totally open up a room. Finish that with some metal and/or glass railings and you’ve completely updated your home in just a few easy “steps.”

Make Light of the Situation

If you’re updating a room that isn’t blessed with an abundance of natural light, Broadhead recommends staying away from too much dark wood. And since Real Cedar is renowned for its ability to hold a wide range of stains including golden honeys and silver-hued light greys, it really is the best wood to help brighten up a room. Another option is applying a simple clear finish to your wood – that way Real Cedar can illuminate your light-impoverished space with its crisp naturalistic beauty.

If you’ve got ample light pouring into a space, any kind of really dark Real Cedar trim paired with crisp white walls can make a clean and sharp contrast. With that tried and true combo as your canvas, you can decorate your home in any style your heart desires.