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AFA Forest Products Inc


AFA Forest Products Inc.

19822 101 Ave
Langely, BC V1M 3G6



Jason Kleine – Deters, Sales / Purchaser

About Us

In 1974, our company, AFA Forest Products Inc was founded by four colleagues and friends – Al Jack, Frank Ingoldsby, Al Young and Gord Pace, using three of their first initials to form the name of their venture. In its inception, with only one branch in Bolton, Ontario, the focus was on specializing in the distribution of construction plywood and lumber to the Ontario commodity market. Today, AFA, still a privately owned Canadian company, is truly coast to coast. There is a total of 13 branches stretching from Vancouver to Newfoundland, AFA is a leader in these markets. With a focus on allied products, AFA has maintained its position as one of the leaders in the distribution industry.

AFA is proud to offer quality decking and dimensional products from respected Canadian Mills. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, it is extremely stable. It’s unique “grown-in-the-wood” preservative oil means that no further chemical treatment is needed, unless the lumber is in direct contact with the ground. There is less than half the swelling & shrinking tendency of other domestic softwoods. It lies flat, stays straight, retains fasteners and provides a firm base for paints and stains. Cedar projects will age gracefully through decades of Canadian weather.

Below are some of the products and profiles we offer regionally in cedar

  • Fence / Deck
  • Exterior siding – T&G, V-joint, Channel, Bevel
  • Interior – Cedar closet lining
  • Shakes / Shingles
  • Peeled Poles