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The Sansin Corporation

The Sansin Corporation

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111 MacNab Avenue
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada N7G 4J6


Tel: 1-877-SANSIN-1 / 1-519-245-2001
Fax: 1-519-245-4759

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For over 30 years, Sansin has pioneered the use of water-borne technology – a unique alkyd formula that performs like an oil (penetrating, superior flow, superior performance), but uses water to carry the product deep within the wood to deliver long lasting, fast drying, low-VOC protection.

Sansin finishes have a long history of performance on cedar from smaller projects to award-winning commercial and residential structures.



Sansin offers a full line of wood treatments and finishes that beautify and protect cedar from UV, water and biological and physical degradation, whether it’s undercoat treatments, preservatives, finishes or fire retardants.

Sansin also has a line of high-performance factory finishes.  Sansin’s Precision Coat Factory Finishes are available in specialized formulas for single- or multi-step protection for cedar and are engineered to meet exceptional performance and beauty characteristics while achieving standardized production quality ad cost efficiencies.

Sansin has a concierge service for architects and other professionals to help them select the best finishes.  Contact Sansin at: precisioncoat@sansin.com for more information.

With dealers and distributors across Canada, the United States, Western Europe and Russia, Sansin has become the world-wide choice for customers who demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for their homes.

Every day at Sansin, our passion for what we do drives us to find ways to protect wood better.

Every day, we work with our clients to meet and anticipate their needs better.

And every day at Sansin, we fulfill the promise of naturally perfect wood protection.