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American Wood Council
The American Wood Council (AWC) is the voice of North American traditional and engineered wood products, representing over 75% of the industry.

Canadian Wood Council
The Canadian Wood Council CWC is the national association representing manufacturers of Canadian wood products used in construction. We enable the selling of Canadian wood products through programs and services focused on creating market access and demand.

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
Each year the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau’s staff answer thousands of technical questions and product selection queries. We offer information on the various shake and shingle products, and advice on installation and maintenance.

Forest Products Society
The Forest Products Society is an international not-for-profit technical association founded in 1947 to provide an information network for all segments of the forest products industry. The Forest Products Society functions as the distributor for the technical publications of the American Wood Council, which constitutes an invaluable information resource on wood construction for engineers, architects, builders and building code regulators. Topics include engineering data, state-of-the-art design technologies and construction standards

National Lumber Grading Authority
The National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) was incorporated in 1971 and is the organization responsible for the establishment, issuance, publication, amendment and interpretation of Canadian lumber grading rules and standards.  NLGA is the only recognized rules writing body for lumber grades and standards in Canada.

Temperate Forest Foundation
Welcome teachers, students, forestry professionals, and those with a general interest in protecting, managing, and enhancing the natural environment!

USDA Forest Products Lab