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Our Mission – WRCLA


Consumers, builders, and architects select Western Red Cedar for its attributes and benefits.


The WRCLA is the voice of the Western Red Cedar industry representing manufacturers, distributors and supply chain partners.

It seeks to inspire, inform and educate discerning consumers, builders and architects about Real Cedar, the ultimate natural and environmentally responsible building material.

The overriding objective is to enhance demand and drive Western Red Cedar sales and value by:

• Increasing WRC’s awareness,
• Inspiring its consideration, and
• Making it easier to specify, purchase and use.

Primary Goals

  1. Ensure WRCLA is the go-to source of information on Real Cedar.
  2. Increase user and specifier awareness of Real Cedar and its range of uses and applications in line with the changing nature of the resource.
  3. Improve Real Cedar’s value proposition among consumers, builders and architects based on factors of greatest importance to them.
  4. Make it easier to specify and use Real Cedar in design and application.
  5. Increase confidence in the supply, sustainable management and role of Real Cedar in helping to tackle climate change.
  6. Strengthen the link between WRCLA’s demand-generating activities and Real Cedar sales.
  7. Ensure sufficient financial and organizational resources to support programs.