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4 Ways to Rock a Real Cedar Shed

posted May 24, 2018

Say Goodbye to Outdoor Clutter with this Compact Storage Solution

Who says sheds are only for hoses and rakes? This Western Red Cedar shed, complete with airflow slats, is perfect for a multitude of uses. Sure, you can pick up a prefab plastic shed from a big box store, but where’s the DIY fun in that? Plus, assembling a synthetic structure with no airflow is going to cost you about as much as building this stunning, multipurpose Real Cedar lean-to. So if you’re looking for a great DIY weekend project, look no further.

Designed by award-winning contractor, Jim West, this Real Cedar original can be easily customized to suit your storage needs. But if you need inspiration, here, then, are just four of the many possible uses for this versatile beauty:

Sports Locker

Do your kids just dump their equipment bags in a smelly heap when they get back home from practice? You’re not alone. There are mounds of sweaty protective gear blocking hallways, mudrooms and garage floors all over North America. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This Real Cedar shed is compact enough to fit nicely in your carport. With spaced out slats, plenty of air flows through on the sides to prevent a build-up of musty odors. Furthermore, the multipurpose shed will greet your senses with the beautiful fragrance of Western Red Cedar, a high performance building material.

Wood Shed

One of the greatest challenges for cottagers and cabin dwellers is keeping enough useable dry wood on supply to feed the fireplace throughout those chillier nights. That’s because makeshift lean-tos aren’t always the greatest at protecting log piles from wind and rain. But then again, you don’t want something too slick and artificial looking – kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting back to nature. Thankfully, this Real Cedar design offers the best of both worlds. The corrugated roof ensures that wood stays dry and the spaced out slats, meanwhile, ensure proper airflow to prevent moisture build-up that leads to mould. It’s still up to you to stack the wood properly, but this shed definitely makes storing firewood easier. Appearance-wise, the structure is also very much at one with nature, with the inherently rich tonal properties of Western Red Cedar siding. No matter where you position this lean-to, the cedar structure is going to enhance your property with its authentic character and charm.

Garden Shed

Keep your tools organized and enhance your outdoor living space with this classic landscaping space saver. It’s compact enough to tuck in the furthest corner of your backyard, but since this design call for a beautiful textured, grade of knotty Western Red Cedar, you’ll probably want to station this stunning structure somewhere more prominent, where it can complement other exterior elements of your home – be it a cedar deck, planter boxes or siding.

Recycling Organizer

Taking out the garbage is never fun, especially when you have to lug all your mismatched overflowing bins to the designated pick-up area and hope racoons don’t get to it before the trash collectors do. Well, this multipurpose shed – again, compact enough to fit in a garage – won’t make sorting rubbish any more fun. But it will definitely help de-clutter your recycling space, cut down on unpleasant odors and keep out nature’s unwanted critters. Plus, as any DIYer will tell you, the Western Red Cedar just adds a certain kind of wow factor that will make you the envy of all your neighbors. Not only that – using Western Red Cedar is an eco-friendly choice. Widely considered one of the best green building materials, Western Red Cedar leaves the smallest carbon footprint than any man-made product.

Download free instructions for this and a variety of outdoor projects from the Real Cedar DIY Center.