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Five Reasons to Choose Cedar Siding Over Composites

posted November 29, 2017

Why choose cedar siding over composites

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What makes cedar siding so superior to plastic?

There’s no question Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most beautiful building materials, but it also surpasses plastic imitators as the wise choice when it comes to environmental sustainability, durability and long-term value. Here’s why:

1. Enduring Quality

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, which makes it incredibly low maintenance whereas the so-called “low-maintenance” composite materials require more upkeep because they don’t have any natural defenses against things like mildew. As well, plastic substitutes are susceptible to fading due to sun exposure. Unlike Real Cedar, composite materials can’t be restored or refinished once their color has faded.

2. Sustainable Choice

Concerned about the environmental footprint of your siding product? When it comes to synthetic substitutes you should be. On the other hand, rest easy knowing that Western Red Cedar is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world – producing the least greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste and is harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world. You can feel good about your wood.

3. Naturally Beautiful

Real Cedar siding instantly elevates your home to another level of warmth and beauty. You can’t get that with the plastic substitutes. Try as they might, the look, the scent and feel of natural wood just can’t be duplicated in a chemistry lab. That’s why synthetic siding never looks quite as sophisticated as Real Cedar.

Why cedar siding is better than composites 4. Spoilt For Choice

Western Red Cedar is free of pitch and resin, which means it takes to stains, oils and finishes exceptionally well – making your siding color options almost limitless. The same goes for the style options. This means you can go for the warm traditional feel of layered bevel or you can streamline your home’s look with some super sleek tongue and groove siding or you can get creative with your own board and batten pattern. And then there’s texture – with Real Cedar, you can work with a clear grade for a crisp, contemporary look. Or choose knotty for some added rustic charm – try achieving that look with a synthetic product!

5. Solid Investment

Thanks to its low density, Western Red Cedar is a natural thermal insulator. So, if you want siding that doesn’t just look great, but also keeps your heating and AC bills down, the choice is clear.