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cedar pergola and timbers

Timber Preparation

LA00318091When working with Real Cedar in the great outdoors, proper storage is paramount. Otherwise, you may expose your wood to UV or water damage before you even get a chance to build your dream project. For more info on how to best protect your wood from the elements, please refer to our outdoor preparation section.

For construction and interior trim, wood should be preconditioned in the area of the building in which it will be used, prior to installation. This will enable the cedar to achieve equilibrium moisture content with its surroundings. Generally speaking, kiln dried clear cedar will take 3-5 days, dry knotty cedar will take 7-10 days and green (unseasoned) cedar will take at least 30 days.

As for interior design purposes, it’s recommended that you test out your finish on a scrap sample of your wood to ensure the effect is to your liking. As well, it’s good practice to use the same brand and product throughout to avoid any color inconsistencies. It’s also important to follow manufacture’s instructions. For more info on which products are best suited for interior applications, please see our section on indoor finishing types.