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Western Red Cedar Blinds & Shutters

Western Red Cedar Blinds

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Custom-made Real Cedar blinds are a chic and environmentally sound way to control light and create more airflow in a commercial or residential space. And while they’re undeniably beautiful, they’re also incredibly durable, long lasting as well as resistant to weather and warping.

As with our blinds, Real Cedar shutters very versatile, so they, too, look just as beautiful in an ultra-contemporary space as they can in a traditional home. And they’re not just for windows anymore. Due to the inherent stability of our wood, Real Cedar shutters work exceptionally well as room dividers or door panels. Additionally, Real Cedar’s low-density wood is very receptive to a wide range of finishes. Which means you can match your shutters to your home… and not the other way around.

Shutter styles include:

  • bi-fold
  • lift-out
  • hinge-panel
  • sliding panel
  • curved