Western Red Cedar Fence Construction

Most fences are constructed with three basic elements: post, rails and infill material. Posts are vertical uprights. Rails run horizontally between, and are supported by the posts. Infill material, most commonly boards, are attached to the rails. For each of these elements there is a size and grade of Western Red Cedar to build just about any style of fence on any budget. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily cost more to have a stylish fence.

fence-constructionHere’s a checklist of points you should consider when planning a fence:

  • Choose a style that suits both the purpose of the fence and the landscape, then maintain consistency of style throughout.
  • Decide whether you’ll build the fence from scratch or from ready-made fencing sections.
  • Select from rough or surfaced material for posts, rails and boards.
  • Select solid boards with flat tops or choose from a variety of patterned-top boards such as pointed, dogeared, gothic, spearhead, roundtop and others.
  • Decide whether short length pattern siding such as channel or tongue and groove V-joint will achieve the look you want.
  • Consider using lattice panels alone or in combination with solid boards where a lighter, more open fence is desired.
  • Decide on the type of finish. Transparent or semitransparent stains are suggested if a natural look is desired. Solid color stains are recommended if an opaque finish is desired.