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Idaho Forest Group

Idaho Forest Group

687 W. Canfield
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815


Garth Williams
Tel: 208-762-6621

General Sales
Tel: 1- 877-434-6455

General Inquiries

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Established in 2008


At Idaho Forest Group, we are focused on the future of our customers and our industry.
Our philosophy of quality is behind every decision we make. We realize the important role that high-quality cedar products can play for our customers, which is why our quality standards exceed industry-accepted allowances.

Product Line

  • 5/4 Radius Edge Decking
  • S1S2E Boards
  • 8/4 Rough Green or Dry Blanks
  • S4S KD Dimension

Number of Cedar Manufacturing Facilities: 2

171 Highway 95N
Grangeville, ID, 83530

30 Riley Creek Park Drive
Laclede, ID, 83841

Annual Cedar Production


Grading Agency


Drying Available

100% of production


  • BNSF
  • UP
  • Trucks


  • Private Labelling
  • End Branding
  • Bar-Coding
  • Specified Tallies
  • Mixed Loading
  • Half Packs
  • Custom Grading & Specifications
  • Destination Pricing
  • Quarterly Firm Pricing
  • Annual Firm Pricing
  • VMI


  • SFI – Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • WWPA